Career Prospects of Aquaculture Training

If you are interested in working at a fish farm, then you need to have some aquaculture training and this is a huge field to work in. There are millions of consumers who depend on the fish that come from these fish farms, which means they have to uphold plenty of standards. Here are some of the career prospects in this area.

cage-600x450-49Scope of Career
There are plenty of job or career opportunities in both the private and government sector, including self-employment. There are numerous posts that you can choose to pick from, if you have the required education and you can be promoted to other posts after a time. You can work in the MPEDA or Marine Product Export Development Authority, WHO or World Health Organization and many other locations. You can also choose a private company to choose from, if you desire.

Programs and Courses

There are numerous courses or programs that you can take up to help your career in Aquaculture Industry. You can get a bachelors degree or even a Masters degree in plenty of areas, such as marine biology & fisheries, industrial fisheries, aquatic biology and fisheries and more. Find the one area that interests you the most and work there.


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